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February 2016 new stuff: It's finally happened. Read on below for more info. And also read my journal entry on DEVIANTART. It explains so much.

Right, so first off, you're probably noticing the layout changed. Well spotted. That ties into everything else, mainly how I haven't added anything to this site since 2013, which started in a slow tapering down beginning in 2011. What ended up happening was I joined Twitter, then DeviantArt, and a few other things, so I wound up focusing more on socializing through those methods rather than here. DeviantArt allowed me to post my art to a larger audience and Twitter gave me a way to interact with my friends and weird fan base more directly. They are also way less work, and I'm a lazy bum.

This new layout has stripped away pretty much everything. I still have all of the content that used to be here, only it is no longer immediately accessible. I suppose there comes a time when one is pushing 40 and they look back at what they created in their 20s with more than a little bit of "WHAT WAS I THINKING" and "I CAN'T BELIEVE I SHOWED THIS TO PEOPLE WILLINGLY." Yes, it ain't all bad stuff, and of course, I am more than likely being hypercritical of myself, but what writer/artist isn't? Let's be honest about it, too, though and agree that yes, there was a fairly significant amount of stupid young person silliness going on, most of which is probably best never to be spoken of again. That being said, if there is any particular old thing you really liked, I could probably dig up and email a copy to you if you were to ask really nicely. As previously mentioned, I may not wish to publicly display these things any more, but I am not so heartless as to outright delete them off the face of the Earth, either. I suppose I'm a bit sentimental that way.

So really this site is here for me personally. I want to keep holding onto my little corner of the web mainly for two reasons: I use the space in order to have a place to upload files I want to share (such as art request WIPs with their requestor) and just in case I get that nostalgic feeling and want to start it up again. Who the fuck knows, right?

Which brings us to the next big thing: have you read my BIG, REVEALING POST YET? If not, I strongly suggest you do, if you want a deeper insight into me, this website, and a few other things, some of which get uncomfortably personal. The big reveal of this post being that I am, and always have been, a woman. Surprised? Like I said, read that aforementioned post to what's the dealio with that crazy shit. The comments are going to be left open so long as people remain civil. I really do want to get people's feedback on all of this. I'm being sincere, here.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support over the years, whether it was liking something I drew, reading something I wrote, or approving of the general wackiness that I provided here. I hope to continue producing art and other things in the time to come and that maybe you all will still be interested. You can find me and what I'm up to on DeviantArt, Twitter, and Facebook through the links above in the main navigation. You guys have been truly great and everything that went on here has been a terrific experience. THANK YOU.


William the Bloody aka BloodyWilliam aka Marie